TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF USE This website aims to provide general information about activities, events and preparatory courses related to the Renata França Spa ME ("Spa") and to the therapists who regularly attended the course with the Renata França Method, as well as the advertising and sale of cosmetics by SRF Industria e Comércio Ltda. (“SRF”). This space exclusively offers, to the therapists mentioned above, the possibility of registering to access a restricted area of ​​our website, indicating the region and the state where they serve their clients, in order to consult any clients and/or visitors of the website. The veracity, accuracy and updating of the registration information are the sole and exclusive responsibility of the therapists, and the SPA or SRF have responsibility in this verification. It is hereby agreed that this space on the website is made available at their discretion, there being no employment and/or any other relationship between registered therapists and SPA and/or SRF. The Premium subscription offers therapists the presentation of their information with priority in the search result of the website and inclusion of a summary of their resume, photo and electronic address of the therapists’ Instagram page. The selection of a therapist included in this website’s geolocator is made at the sole and exclusive discretion of the client, without any interference from SPA or SRF, neither company guaranteeing and/or promising to generate revenue and/or clientele. The SPA and/or SRF, at their sole discretion, may remove and/or suspend any therapist from the website at any time, including but not limited to, cases where false information, customer complaints or any other motive is and/or exclusive interest of the Spa or the SRF verified, without there being a need for communication or justification to the therapist removed, and without any kind of compensation. We also inform you that there is no payment to the SPA, SRF or its partners and/or representatives of any commission for services provided by the therapists to its clients, and this space is not intended to provide an intermediation or representation service, but only of an informative nature for optional use by clients. The SPA and SRF reserve the right, at their sole discretion, at any time and without prior notice, to modify or amend these Terms and Conditions of Use, which is why we recommend that the therapists frequently read the conditions in force. By accepting the terms and conditions described above, the therapists acknowledge the inexistence of any link with the SPA, SRF and/or this website, as well as authorizes the SPA and/or SRF to use your personal and business information contained on this website for commercial purposes that they deem appropriate.