Renata França has just launched the Babymoon protocol, aimed at assisting women who dream of becoming mothers! With the approval of gynecologist and obstetrician José Bento, MD, Babymoon encompasses 97 maneuvers which help to yield relaxation, contribute to releasing endorphin, decrease the level of the cortisol hormone, and therefore, reduce the stress of those who go through such a delicate moment! In addition, Babymoon contributes to the reduction of the glucose and insulin levels in women’s blood, thus favoring the female hormone balance which benefits ovulation. But that’s not all! This massage, developed by Renata, also helps to increase oxytocin levels, the main hormone responsible for the baby delivery! Babymoon results from months of research done by doctor José Bento, a specialist in his field of work. “The benefits of the massage aimed at women who are pregnant are recognised, but few people know how important this therapy is to those who wish to get pregnant or to those who are experiencing a fertility treatment, says the doctor. As to Renata França, she is proud to work on such a protocol: “On each maneuver, I have focussed on the benefits that massage brings for the future mother’s body, blending techniques from lymphatic drainage and from deep relaxation, both combined to reduce cortisol levels”, says Renata. Babymoon is to become an important player in the life of couples going under a fertilization process, as it impacts positively on a number of body functions in women wishing to get pregnant. “It is a favorable contribution towards a successful result. Our objective is to make it the smoothest way possible for couples who wish to become parents; we wish to contribute to a happy ending”, says doctor José Bento. He adds: “Renata is a reference in massage. Therefore, no one would be better than her to develop a technique focussed on this objective.”

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