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Touch that Transforms

With 60 maneuvers capable of draining, shaping, defining, and reducing swelling, the Miracle Touch procedure by esthetician Renata França is a bet for summer.


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Few items manage to achieve the aura of incomparability - let alone maintain that position for years on end. The difficulty of entering this restricted realm increases in a universe like that of aesthetics, where new trends emerge - and end their cycles of popularity - all the time. In this sense, Renata França is unbeatable. In 2025, her Miracle Touch will be 20 years old and, since then, the massage known for providing immediate results even in the first session has won over - and sculpted the bodies of - celebrities like singers Anitta and Dua Lipa, as well as model Naomi Campbell, to name just three names from her star-studded client list.


Even with a busy schedule, the esthetician to the stars finds openings to personally attend to some clients. "One of the most recent was the beloved Veveta," she says, referring to the singer and presenter Ivete Sangalo.


What makes the Renata França Method a permanent object of desire? The combination of various techniques and the immediate result: the approach drains, shapes, and relaxes thanks to the 60 maneuvers that reduce swelling, reduce measurements, define muscles, and even help to slim legs, arms, and waist.


More than just the creator of a successful technique, Renata França has also become a branding reference. In addition to the urban spa she maintains in Jardins, São Paulo, for seven years, and an e-commerce of beauty products bearing her name, her technique has gone global. Nearly 15,000 professionals trained in her method, present in 60 countries.


Originally from Ilhéus, the Bahian who started in her mother's beauty salon, made a career in São Paulo, and conquered the international market is very demanding in the training of the people who carry her touch and her name forward. For her, there is no middle ground: "A Renata França massage has to be incredible, excellent.


More than just a beauty routine, Renata França's massage is also an investment in self-care — Photo: Getty Images


Currently, the professional is dedicated to internationalizing her brand by offering training that empowers pupils in her protocols. There are instructors also in countries such as France, Italy, Spain, England, Portugal, Switzerland, Belgium, Israel, the United States, and Japan. The Renata França Method encompasses seven types of massages, ranging from body modeling techniques to relaxing massages, and also includes approaches specially developed for the face and for those wishing to conceive.


More than just a beauty routine, her massage is also an investment in self-care. For the upcoming summer, which promises to be intensely hot, investing in drainage sessions is the expert's tip. "High temperatures contribute to a more swollen body," she says. The client only stands to gain from the procedure, which addresses this swelling. This is because the massage increases blood circulation, which stimulates cell renewal, concludes the esthetician.

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