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Massagem na gravidez

E a pergunta que não quer calar é: Grávidas podem receber massagem do Método Renata França? 🤰 A reposta é: SIM! 😊 Confira as dicas no post.


  • Gabriela Pugliesi

    “A Miracle Touch é uma das massagens mais incríveis que já fiz. Primeiro, porque você percebe o resultado na hora! É impressionante o quanto muda! Segundo, porque a Re e a Paty têm uma energia maravilhosa e isso conta muito na hora da massagem, pelo menos, pra mim!"

  • Donata Meirelles

    “Talking about Miracle massage is easy ...I first met Renata a few years ago and since then I never stopped doing it! The name lives up to the method she has created. It's really great, so I do it religiously twice a week.”

  • Lala Rudge

    “Sou suspeita para falar da Técnica Miracle Touch, pois, desde que comecei a fazer, não larguei mais a Re nem a Paty França! Na primeira sessão, já vi uma enorme diferença, um resultado incrível! Além disso, depois de todos esses anos, nos tornamos muito amigas"

  • Rodrigo Sangion

    “I travel to the best hotels and often go to the best spas, but I have never seen results such as Renata's, it’s incredible! The Miracle Touch massage is the miracle of touch and Renata is a miracle of God. “

  • Joaquim Lopes

    "I was very impressed the first time I received Miracle Touch. Not to mention that Renata’s story is so inspiring as is her technique! That is why she has got so many pupils spread all over the world.”

  • Cássia Ávila

    "I've known Renata for over 15 years! I clearly remember once telling her: 'You are the best masseuse I've ever seen! You'll be very famous and will be the most competitive masseuse in São Paulo' Said and done!"

  • Preta Gil

    "I've been doing the treatment with her for about five years now, and whenever I go to São Paulo for photo shoots, or to record TV shows, I go to the spa or they come to the hotel. It makes a great difference!”

  • Giovanna Lancellotti

    “I learned about Miracle Touch on the internet and when I received it, I loved it! I felt I was lighter and not swollen any longer. Renata França’s pupils are around the whole world! I've been with them in Paris, Portugal, Italy, New York…”

  • Fernando Torquatto

    “The massage is truly spectacular; the result is not something that appears in the medium term, it is immediate. If you have an event, a photo session and want to look good with a well-defined body contour, Miracle Touch is the best choice.”

  • Taís Araújo

    “She usually takes pictures of the leg that has been shaping and the other that has not. After ten minutes of shaping, you can see incredible results: one leg is much thinner and more drained than the other”.