After all, does massage make you lose weight?
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No. That's it! Thanks for reading.

Just kidding! Let's understand what influence massage has on the weight loss journey?

It's very common for massage to be seen as a great aid and ally to weight loss, and this is completely and utterly true! Although massage itself doesn't break down fat or cause a calorific deficit (which causes weight loss), it can bring visible results to your body.

With specific techniques that stimulate blood and lymph circulation, massage helps the body to eliminate waste and toxins that have accumulated in the body, which contributes to reducing fluid retention and detoxifying the body. The effect of this fluid loss will be noticeable in the reduction of your measurements, or even in the better fit of a garment!


In addition, Renata França Method massages, especially Lymphatic Drainage, Modelling and Miracle Touch, work to reduce cellulite and swelling and help reshape the body and reduce measurements in specific areas. If done constantly, it is possible to change the location of the adipocytes, literally re-shaping the body!

It's important to mention that although massages are labelled miraculous and really do deliver results immediately, in order to see the benefits in the long term you need to make a commitment: constancy! To maintain your new shape, the ideal is to have a massage every week.

So, although massage in itself doesn't make you lose weight, it is ideal for helping the body change in the process of losing weight.

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