Should you celebrate International Women's Day?
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Dear reader,

Today's message begins addressed to you, a woman who started this day fighting for her place in the world. You, who struggle for a breath amidst all the activities you need to complete within 24 hours, wonder: "is it worth it?"


I know that with each new morning, you face difficulties. But today, I wanted to invite you to redefine some everyday occurrences that often go unnoticed. Today, on International Women's Day, we should celebrate past achievements and reflect on those yet to come.


The traffic, even slow-moving, is the path that leads you to your work; a space that values you for your individual abilities and grants you independence. As challenging as it may be (sometimes literally), engaging in a professional activity was an immense achievement in the history of women's equal rights, acquired only about 80 years ago.


Another thing: are you, by any chance, wearing pants today? This unusual question is here to show that a woman wearing pants was, not long ago, something revolutionary. It was in the early 20th century that pioneering women, like Coco Chanel, began to challenge the custom of women not being allowed to wear this practical and comfortable garment.




Today, you can get your passport without anyone's permission. You can open a bank account, earn and spend your own money as you please. You can vote and be elected, participating as a citizen in community life. All of this, at one time, was nothing more than a distant dream of strong women, determined to have their dreams recognized and supported.


The message on this day is: look how far we have come! You, in your busy routine, owning your own business, are a living symbol of the ongoing struggle of women. To all women, wherever they may be, celebrate today. Feel proud of the victories, camouflaged by the day-to-day! And know that there is still much to come, until every voice is heard and every request, answered.

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