Massage and Medicine

Health benefits for those undergoing fertilization

Massage and Medicine by Renata França

Creator of the most desired massage by the famous, Renata interviews physicians and specialists for J.P., addressing the benefits of massage for people's health.

DR. José Bento - CRM 28269

José Bento graduated in medicine in the 1980s and has dedicated himself to gynecology and obstetrics for almost four decades.

Renata França: When did you decide to dedicate your life to gynecology and especially obstetrics? José Bento: When I did my first delivery, still in medical school. When I saw that baby being born, I had no doubt that this was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

RF: In your path, you have come across many women who cannot get pregnant. What characterizes a woman as infertile? JB: The difficulty of getting pregnant. If she is up to 30 years old, we wait a year for the pregnancy. If she is over 30, the wait drops to six months. If she has not been able to get pregnant by then, we start looking for the cause.

RF: What is the main cause of infertility today? JB: There are various causes, but the main cause is endometriosis. About 15% of women have the disease.

RF: You conducted several studies that led you to conclude that massage is an ally to those seeking to become pregnant. What are the benefits of this practice to their health? JB: They are countless: improved blood circulation, reduced swelling, reduced pain on lower limbs and better lymphatic drainage, that organic liquid that circulates in the lymphatic vessels. Massage also reduces stress and causes wellness not only in the mother, but in the baby as well. This happens because it increases endorphin, which is the hormone responsible for our well-being and it is passed on to the baby through the placenta.

RF: What are the other benefits of massage to the health of those who are undergoing a fertilization process? JB: It reduces the level of cortisol (hormone responsible for stress), reduces the level of glucose and insulin, contributing to the balance of female hormones and, therefore, benefiting ovulation, and it also increases the oxytocin levels.

RF: In the last few months, you and I dedicated ourselves to the elaboration of a specific protocol for those wanting to become pregnant. Tell our readers how this process was carried out. JB: This work of deep research was incredible, because it led to the creation of Babymoon. I believe that it is the first massage focused specifically on women who want to become pregnant. It is another ally for my patient.